Standard Options

Numerous standard options exist to tailor Lumium fixtures to a wide variety of projects and applications, as well as offering diverse aesthetics.

Mounting Options

Cover Plates


Color and Finishes


Custom Options


We take pride in our design, engineering, and turn-around times on custom projects. If there is a modified or completely custom fixture you would like to see in your project, we will be happy to work with you to make that vision become a reality. Please contact the factory or your Lumium rep agency for assistance.

Magnesium 3 (Mg3)

 4’ Sections -Custom Square Configuration with machined corners - Direct lighting option

Nitrogen 2 (N2)

Mobile creation using our Asymmetric (ASM) mounting system.

Oxygen 1 (O1)

Desk lamp with custom color components




Oxygen 1 (O1)

Custom components engineered to attach fixture to existing retail display cables of various widths. Customization includes adjustable height, arm width, fixture extension and fixture rotation.

Nitrogen 2 (N2)

Custom end cap and square rotational knuckle for a dynamic aesthetic

Magnesium 2 (Mg2)

Custom end cap at its element

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