Professor Paul Rothstein

There are those individuals in life who immediately or in retrospect positively influence direction in one's life.  For us, Paul Rothstein was someone who not only believed in our abilities but he was a mentor who pushed us to excel beyond the ordinary.  He was passionate about design and its influence on society… how form and function could and should meld together to create exceedingly impressive products from all facets.


Given his influence, this page is a small dedication to our professor, who in his wisdom and experience saw potential in his students such that he cared enough not just to teach, but to press for the best in everyone.  While at the time his passion seemed to interfere with our whimsical collegiate ways, we recognize and genuinely appreciate his diligence as a professor and in hindsight, as a mentor.


To Paul Rothstein… may his spirit always live through our endeavors and all of the lives he touched in his career.

Jeff Mitchell

Jordan Kloos

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